160 days….

Another busy day….  Birthday party for the kids this morning (K’s best friend S who also happens to be the sister of H’s best friend N)- all kids and parents that I really like so it was fun for me too.  It was down at the beach front – and it was such a beautiful day.

K ended up spending the afternoon with one of her friends making crafty things.  H spent the day with me, although cousin J came over in the afternoon with his new car (very nice SS V8) and he mowed the lawn for me.  H enjoyed “helping” J.

Meanwhile, I caught up on housework – joy.


At the moment, I swing wildly between being OK for large chunks of time and then falling down the hole again.

I woke at about 3am this morning, and started thinking (never a good thing).  I remember asking you to turn my brain off and letting me get some more sleep … and that perhaps waking at 6:30 am would be nice.  That’s the last thing I remember thinking before I rolled over and looked at the clock this morning …. at exactly 6:30am.

Thank you.  I love these little “coincidences”.

I love you.