161 days….

I’m tired and angry at the world today.

As we walked into school today, there was a cat lying across the path.  A one-eyed cat.

H doesn’t like cats.  He is scared of them (ironically, not scared of dogs). He calls it “evil cat” and tried to shoo it out of the way with his foot today (didn’t kick it).  I just quietly said “don’t hurt the cat” and kept walking.  BUT the owner of the cat yelled out from her driveway (across the road and up a few houses) that H was a naughty little boy and that he shouldn’t call the cat evil.

She yelled at H.

I don’t know where it came from but immediately I was talking in a Very Clear Voice and I just said “no – he shouldn’t try to kick the cat, but your cat shouldn’t be out wandering the street either.  You need to keep your cat in your yard”.

I don’t think she know what to say about that, but I was furious,  I had dealt with H and I’m getting a lot of extra agro from someone who should just bog off.

Then I get home to find next doors cat has killed a rainbow lorikeet on *our* verandah.  Feathers everywhere.

Bloody cats.

Mmmm – I seem to be focussing my frustration on the cats when it’s really the woman who I’m angry at .. (and the neighbours who don’t care what their animal is killing).


I’m just angry at the world today.  I’m tired.  I have a headache.  I have a cold.  I have little tolerance for annoying people.

I need to sleep.  All night please.  NO waking up at 3am and sobbing. If you could sort that out for good, I’d be really thankful.

I miss you.

I love you.