171 days…

Tired again today – this is proving to be a Very Hard week.  The kids birthdays are so hard without you.

H has been an angel for the past day – so cute.  K has been a delight too.


Mum picked them up from school today – such a relief to go and do a few jobs without them after I finished work at 1pm.

Things like choose new glasses frames and order them (my current glasses are starting to hurt my nose too much …. and besides … they are almost three years old and three years of use has taken its toll on them).

I also voted at the early voting booth … which shared the same foyer as the temporary premises of the funeral home I used for your service.  I almost turned tail and ran away when I saw the sign, but thankfully Debbie-the-wonderful saw me glance in to the funeral office, my face in tears.  She knew who I was straight away and was so kind.  If there’s one thing I can be thankful about it’s that your funeral was conducted by people with good souls!


H is excited about his birthday tomorrow and has gone to bed early (good).  K is a shocker and won’t stay in bed tonight – finding reason after reason to stay up.

She scared me tonight  – she was not concentrating on eating and almost choked on a gristley bit of meat.  Thankfully, she was OK but it proved to me that I definitely need to ask to do the first aid course through school.

I shall try to get some sleep tonight.  please.  I can’t be crying all the time tomorrow like I was today.  Tears just start flowing as soon as I leave work and this is not a healthy thing….

I love you so much.  I miss you.  I want you back here with me.

To the moon and back again, XA