177 days….

It was bookweek parade at school today.  The kids all dressed up as their favourite book characters (well… they dressed up anyway).  I wore Mum’s authentic Mexican poncho and a sombrero and went as Frida (thanks for the book tip Liz).  K went as her patented Pippi Longstocking (hair plaited with pipe-cleaners to make it stand out from her head … and H went as Captain Flinn from the book about the pirate dinosaurs.  Gorgeous!

I was the official event photographer (yeeeeer – well they haven’t seen my pics yet –   some of them are winners and I did get photos of all 600 kids in one form or another … I think).
Still, you wouldn’t believe the number of parents who came and Stood In Front Of  Me to take photos of their precious possums.  Nor would you believe the number of kids who purposely jumped into shots of other kids …. I think I have 7 pics with one particular kid’s head in them at the front.  …and then there were the whiners who went to the trouble of wearing a mask given to them by the teacher and asking why I didn’t pick them for special poses…. “ummmm there are 600 kids here lovey – you all are in at least 1 photo … perhaps a group shot … but you are on film … now let me take a photo of the fabulous coordination of these Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee twins along with the Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter and Alice”.

Most of the kids were beautiful though.  …and some parents are truly gifted in the costume design department.

It was fun doing literacy groups in full garb today.  Thankfully it was a Very Cold Day and I enjoyed wearing Mum’s really thick poncho (I suspect it’s lama or alpaca wool – so beautiful).

The other exciting thing that happened today was that I picked up my new glasses. …. titanium frames this time and they are heavenly to wear – so light.  I must remember to always get titanium frames from now on…

….and boy do I need these little pick-me-ups at the moment….

….the car is making funny noises, one headlight is very dim, and a kitchen cupboard door fell off its hinges today.

Buddy – I am barely coping with the fact that my life is fucked up … don’t make me cope with other things making life just that little bit harder.  Trust me when I say that it is plenty hard enough and tell that bastard of a universe  / God / great spaghetti monster that I am On. The. Edge. so don’t send me any more shit.

Seriously, I am up to my eyeballs in it.

I miss you so much.

I love you forever.