178 days….

Today was … OK.

Of course there was plenty of crying still and I fell asleep sobbing into my pillow again last night with the compete shitenhausen of it all.

But today, on the whole  was …. OK.

I think it’s because I get to be at work and work is good for me.  Teachers just operate on a more caring level than the rest of the populace (or perhaps that’s just at our school).  We *care* about the kids and we care about each other.

Mrs D aka Mishi can see through my brave face every time and calls me on it, H’s teacher really is on the same wavelength as me (despite our early adjustment phase).

Just an awesome place to be.

AND they are currently running a program for kids who are experiencing loss and grief.  About half of H’s class is going at the moment as there have been about 5 kids whose families are going through  separations at the moment.  I really hope it helps give them another outlet….

H really surprised us at the psych’s on Tuesday…. he gave every impression of doodling on the white board and not paying attention when he suddenly stopped and said, this is me, this is a wall and the bad feelings are on the other side of the wall…. and here’s an alien ship sucking them up.

I love him.

and K.


Terry fixed part of the car today and told me who to take it to to repair the light.  I will try to sort that tomorrow.

…and I mentioned being on the lookout for a new car.  You are going to have to have some input here you know …. I can’t buy a car to save myself.  Do I stay with what I know or do I go for something else.  …and that’ll be one knock for stay and twi knocks for different .. ok?


Blah.  I have yet another sore throat.  Somebody said that widows get sick a lot.  Given that my dodgy lungs do like to catch whatever’s going as a general rule I should be surprised that this will only be the 5th cold I’ve had this year….



I need you buddy.

I love you.