179 days….

Another Friday … but a half-way decent one.

I did our tax this morning.  I get a bit of a refund but yours is whopping.  It should cover the cost of the fence (whenever we manage to get it).  Tax dude was being his typical self – very concerned about me but showing it in strange ways and freaking out about the farm.  I consoled him by telling him that I wasn’t going to ask him to do the tax implications on the farm.

I also tried to talk to an auto-electrician about the lights on the car …stupidly, I called in to the workshop as I didn’t know the business name but was told the location of a auto-leccy who does reasonable work. …. If it weren’t that all small car repair places in this neighbourhood weren’t run by nasty slimeballs, I’d have walked straight back out of his repair yard.  “Rude bastard” only begins to cover it. It looks like this is my only choice unless I got to a lot more trouble.  On the up side, I’m told his actual work isn’t too bad and his fees are reasonable.

Bloody car.

Mind you, the day picked up.  Mum and Dad had no power at their place for the day so they spent most of the day here.  Mum and I found actual flooring in H’s room and got rid of a lot of “precious” stuff (he is such a hoarder – wonder where he gets that from??!?)  His room looks half-way decent for a change.

…and then I picked the kids up from school and we went to their old kindy where the beautiful teachers had commissioned a piece of play equipment in your honour….  “Ned Kelly” now stands guard in the playground and proudly wears a plaque that reads:

Greg __
A Dad who made a difference.
Devoted Father to K & H

So beautiful.

You really did make a difference to so many people.

You are beautiful and I will always love you.