181 days….

H’s bestie’s birthday party at the beach this morning.  It was so nice seeing how he and his friend look out for each other – they really are best buddies and I am so thankful that H has such a great best friend.

K also liked being there with S and E … and E’s little sister M.

It does my heart good to see them happy with their friends.


It seems I either have a bad cold or … the flu (and you know I don’t use that word lightly).  A hybrid mix of stuffed-up nose, ears and lungs and achy everything.  It would have been one of the few days that I palmed all parental duties onto you had you been here.  I think that only ever happened a couple of times ever.

I fear I will not be going to school tomorrow…..  but as  I need to be well enough to go to the Prep’s Father’s night on Wednesday and as the parent helper on the year 2 excursion on Friday, I really think I need to spend a day in bed and just try to get myself well.

Honestly, I’ve been coughing and spluttering since the last school holidays 8 weeks ago and I’ve just had cold after cold.  This is a record even for me.  I never understood why I was would always catch whatever was going around and yet you rarely did.

Moan…. what I’d give for you to walk in with a hot toddy right now!

I love you Buddy Roo.