182 days….

I woke up feeling very poorly this morning and quickly pulled the pin on going in to work today.  Sadly though K and H both decided that they were also ill and convinced me to let them stay home too….. I felt so sick I let them as I couldn’t see me driving them to school.


They seemed to think this was like a day off.  “Oh – you think you can watch tv??? WRONG!  You are either at school or in bed”.  I was so tired that I made them both have a sleep in the daytime so *I* could sleep.
On the upside, I don’t imagine they’ll be chucking a sickie anytime soon.

Thankfully, I remembered to buy cold and flu tablets yesterday, and I just have to say that they ROCK!  Right now, I can breathe, I’m not coughing up disgusting things and my back is only mildly aching …. this morning I was a snot factory with aching bones (who knew that collar bones can ache so much??)

Right – I know how you are transfixed by my tales of woe, so I’ll change the subject….

I did manage one big job today – I contacted the car club who will be happy to help me get special interest vehicle rego on your car.  Yeehar!  This will cut the rego to a third of the normal cost.

I am off to bed (but not before taking some more of those lovely anti-snot drugs) and have my fingers crossed that I will be at school tomorrow (where I’m told I was missed today).

Love you Buddy Roo.