185 days…

Very interesting day at school.

To put it mildly, I haven’t been this frightened for a student’s welfare since one of my 2nd year Ag Science students from uni placed a castor oil seed pod in his mouth and pretended to swallow it AFTER I had pointed out the safety aspects of working with poisonous plants (I totally threw that bastard out of the lab but pointed him in the general direction of the medical building).

But today, the situation resolved for the better.  I got more brownie points with the deputy for my handling of the situation so I count that as a win.  A small win, but a win nonetheless.

Bad news flowing from a few quarters too.  So many people are struggling with something life-changingly huge right now … and I wish I could gather them all up and hug them.

….and then I cracked the shits about people trying to compare grief (like there’s a scale or something).  meh.  I vented, drew a line and moved on. (and the vent not directed at any of you beautiful commenters, just in case you were wondering…)

I’m off to bed now.  I have an even bigger day tomorrow.  I have to keep a heap of small children together and safe in Fortitude Valley.  Help me!

I miss you babe.

I love you to the moon and back…