186 days…

As expected, I am absolutely flogged tonight.

K and I had a fabulous day with the year 2s in Chinatown.

We caught the train into town, had a look at the sights and sounds of  (a very empty) China Town mall, had lunch in a Chinese restaurant, then back to southbank for ice cream and a play then home.

For lunch, each teacher took a table of 12 kids and let them try the different foods – they were marvelous, sampling all the different (and very greasy) things.  Only a few of them complained.  and I discovered that I quite like jasmine tea.

All was good until we got back to the train station where the parents were to meet us and pick up their kids… and one parent turned up 45 minutes late.  No reason given.

and then I arrived at Mum’s to collect H and was told that a boy I went to school with died of a heart attack this week.  !!

I am devastated that his wife, an old school friend of mine, has had to join this *&^%ing club where NOBODY wants membership.  They also have two young children.

So so sad.


I dreamed about you again last night.  You were just suddenly back after having taken yourself off for a holiday.  I remember the kids and I hugging you and telling you that everyone thought you were dead and that I even had a death certificate.

But you weren’t YOU.  You were distant.  You couldn’t understand why we were so upset that you had tricked us all into believing you were dead.

Even so, the big family cuddle felt good and I woke up feeling like I’d been hugged.

I just wish I could have hugged you one last time.

I miss you

I love you.


PS Please look after Nev.  He’s new there.  He’s a nice bloke.  Tell him I’ll go see T and give her a hug.

PPS – I just had a Baileys with milk.  Remember how that used to be our traditional Friday wind-down when we lived in FNQ and were childless?  We’d pour ourselves our one drink of the week, turn the tv on to Father Ted, and the evening would mellow out nicely … I miss doing that with you.