190 days….

The kids and I had reasonable days today.

I had a great day at school – I really love that place.  I’m so happy to be working there.

The kids seem to have had a great day too.  K’s teachers hadn’t put her reading list in for the Premier’s reading challenge, so I’ve just done it for the librarian who just said “I know K has read more than required amount, so please put her list in”.  K is a very bright little girl.

…and H.  That boy has taught himself to read.  He spontaneously reads lots of words, but refuses to try to read if I ask him.  Typical H.


I dreamed about you last night.  Not a nice dream.  You had left me for another woman.  I felt abandoned.

But I found you someplace (where we were both waiting to have a go on a flying fox, whilst wearing formal outfits – HELLO – that’s how I knew it was a dream).  You grabbed me and hugged me and told me you loved me but wouldn’t come home with me.

I passed the other woman on the way out.  Totally not your type.  She tried to bite me, so I sank my teeth into her arm until I drew blood.  The bitch backed off after that.

But you still wouldn’t come home with me.

Such a a depressing dream, although I know that nothing could be further from the truth….

You were such a faithful, loving boy.  I never had a moments thought about you leaving me.

We looked at each other at that party in 1993 and I think we both knew from that first glance that we were meant to be.

…and that’s the way it will always be, I suspect.

I miss you so much.

I love you