191 days….

Your sister J and T are staying here tonight (apparently), so I may not get a chance to write much later.  Do Not Want them knowing I have a blog.  Do Not Want them to ever find me on facebook either.

They have been OK lately but still can give me the screaming irrits without trying hard.

When J rang me last week, she started telling me about what a horrible year she’s had.  I swear she was just about to say “my brother died” when she stopped herself and remembered who she was talking to.  She does enjoy being seen as the martyr, the poor, hard-done-by one who has to cope with *so* much and is *so* deserving of sympathy …. but she realised that probably wasn’t going to cut it with me.

Oh they’ll turn up and be all loving and I’ll forget about my annoyances with them (like I usually do) but you know it can sometimes be hard for me to bite my tongue when they launch into the weirdo health kick they are on (Hello fools – M@nnatech is just  Very Expensive snake oil – pleeeeease don’t tell me about it again and NO I do not want to try any).

Anyhoo – they will be here soon so I am setting this up to post later in the day.

Help me to bite my tongue.  Please.

I love you.