192 days…

Well they came and are here again tonight, so another scheduled post.

I got about 4 hours sleep last night (I guess that is normal) but REALLY didn’t appreciate being woken up 4 times including the time T thought he might like to go into the backyard at 4am and Let The Screen Door Bang Shut and then SING!  ’cause I needed to be woken up by bad singing at 4am.  (BTW people – if you need to use the loo in the middle of the night, remember that it is next to my bedroom and I Can Hear Everything).

…and their daughter paid a visit and I had to shove her out the door at 10pm.  Hello! School night!  Small children and cranky, tired parent!


On a brighter note, the bloke from the car club came to verify your car and I can register it as a Special Interest Vehicle at a third of the cost of full rego.

Speaking of cars….

Hopefully MY car will be fixed when I pick it up soon … they guy didn’t fill me with confidence when I took it in, so I’m feeling very glad that I wrote a list of things for him to fix.

Hope he’s a better auto leccy than he is at remembering stuff.

But Dammit – I haven’t had to take a car to a repairman for 20 years.  This is your department.  and half the bloody faults are things YOU were going to fix for me.  Typical that you left my car to the last on your list of things to repair.


I’m feeling very tired.

…and sad.  I think another friend will join this horrid club very shortly.  Her husband is in palliative care at a hospice at the moment.  They discovered two more tumours yesterday, although the initial brain tumour is all g0ne 😦  I’ve got their youngest boy in my class from tomorrow.  I hope to God that C doesn’t die while B is at school.

This widowhood shit isn’t very much fun you know.

(and another freaking 11 as I post this.  EVERY time I look at the clock on the computer it’s 11 past.  Freaky).

Love you Buddy Roo.