194 days….

I didn’t get much sleep again last night.  And this cold is lingering.

Which may explain why I had to sit down on the floor in K-mart this morning.

I was with Mum (thankfully) and the kids and I’d just bent down to get K some socks which, as fate (and product placement) would have it, were located on the bottom shelf.

I stood up.

The world got a bit swirly.

Things were a bit shimmery and sounded louder yet muffled.

I sat down on the floor of the shop so that I didn’t have to fall down onto it.

A lovely lady who worked at the shop guided me to a nearby bench seat and brought me some water.  I felt so embarrassed.  …and I was thinking “great, now Mum will have yet ANOTHER way to worry about me”.

I kinda strolled out of the shop and had to ask a kid to move out of another seat so I could park my butt for another little while.

Then I seemed to come out of it a bit and managed to grab the groceries we needed before I drove home.  (I was OK sitting down by then).

Scary shit though.

I used to get low blood pressure and faint when I was younger.  I haven’t had that trouble in years.

I seem OK again tonight, just really tired.

I’m hoping that’s all it was.  Just being really tired.

Please let me sleep well tonight.


I miss you.

I love you.