197 days..

Oh how I wish you were here tonight.  Mostly because you would be in hysterics when I told you what happened to me at school today.

and I so badly want to tell you….

A typical morning with “my boys”, I did morning tea duty and then rushed to the loo (as teachers do) when


my knicker- elastic and seam completely gave way on the seam on my right hip.

Brand new knickers.

Dodgy, dodgy cotton material.

Knickers being held on by one leg.

Not an ideal situation.

I managed to hold them together with a safety-pin but couldn’t walk that well, so when the boys came back in, I resorted to my most hated teaching method – sitting in a chair and using the starboard.

It wasn’t until an aide and specialist teacher took over the class an hour later that I was able to slip over to Mum’s for a new pair of knickers.

How embarrassment!

While I know that the aide will never let me live it down, I KNOW that you would have laughed until your sides hurt.

In other news, I got the AC in the car repaired today.
The mechanics had a pack of bushings on the counter. Ones you designed and made. I had to pick them up.
I (ridiculously) miss hearing you talk about crush tubes and cotton reels and poly.

I am going to C’s funeral tomorrow. It’s being held at the cemetery. I hate going there. YOU aren’t there, despite the number of people who think I should “visit” you more often. Why can’t they understand that you are with me, and that hole just contains your body.

I miss you Buddy Roo.
I love you.