202 days…

Not much to report really.

Mum and I took the kids to the little shopping plaza to buy groceries for the holiday.

I had a win in that the franchise shoe shop had a single pair of my favourite boots in stock … and in my size.


In the afternoon, Cousin S brought his FIANCE A (I know! FINALLY they are engaged) up for afternoon tea.  They really are such a beautiful couple.

A is so down to earth.  She is perfect for S.

The only catch is that the wedding is set for February 27 next year.  Smack bang in the middle of the week of hell … between your birthday and deathday.

At least it will be a distraction, but I hope that I am not a complete mess on their happy day.


That reminds me.

It would have been our 13th wedding anniversary next week.

Give me strength to get through that please.

I miss you so much.

I love you.