204 days…

(I so wanted to say “Stardate 204” just then like I was channeling Captain Kirk or something… and I’m not exactly a trekkie.  Let’s face it, Doctor Who walks all over Star Trek!).

Well today, the sun came out in the afternoon – thank you!

We watched a movie with the kids during the rain of the morning and then we gathered the kids and the fishing rods and went across the road to the beach.

Well, you’d have been pleased to know that NONE of us caught anything.  Not even Mum who can catch huge fish with nothing more than a smear of bait and a little hook.

But is was beautiful.

Chilly but beautiful.

The kids really enjoyed casting the fishing line out and practicing.

I really enjoyed the opportunity to Just Think.

..and lose bait.

But since we only used a bit of chicken breast from dinner, that’s no biggie.

I remembered how you’d always try to fish with us even though it was very foreign to you.  …and you never had the joy of actually catching an eating fish from the sea.

I shall try to catch one for you tomorrow.

We’ll cook it and eat it and think of you.

We miss you.

We love you.

Stay with us.