206 days….

Rinse and repeat.

Today followed almost the same schedule as yesterday.

The only difference was that I was forced to the shop for more bread and milk and came back with that plus a new Tashi book for K and a $9.88 blood pressure monitor.

As you do.

It was on an enormous discount (from $50) and after my little fainting spell of a few weeks ago, I decided that it may not be a bad thing to have around.

It turns out my holiday BP is just fine and dandy … who knew?

I guess I’m thinking that I need to take more care of me because I’m all the kids have.

H worried about me dying in a car crash the other day and it really would be dismal for them if both of us weren’t here.


We went for another walk along the beach in the afternoon.  We caught soldier crabs and found the most hideous bristle worm stranded on the sand.

Of course I had Noddy-Know-it-All come up and tell me it must be a “sea centipede”  and “walk on its bristles”.    Um yeah – I’m a woman and therefore stupid thus requiring a middle-aged man to tell me everything ….. gah!

(I still remember learning about polychaetes in undergrad so my synapses mustn’t be all fried.)

I touched it with my shoe to make it go into a defensive roll and the bloke nearly had kittens.

Maybe I should have asked HIM to pick it up … but I’m not that mean.

You would have really loved seeing it.


I took a pile of photos of the passage between here and the mainland.  The little internet connection I have here isn’t very good so I may just upload some pics when I get home.


I miss you.

I love you.