207 days…

We went fishing again this morning – the kids each had the joy of reeling in small fish … all so small that they had to be returned to the sea.

Although, in case there was any confusion, there were plenty of passers-by to tell us that they were too small.

When one busybody commented on the very obviously undersized whiting (like about 15 cm undersized), Dad just cracked me up by saying “Hold on love, I’ll get out the ruler”.


Mum, the kids and I went walking on the beach again this afternoon.

…and I took my camera this time.

I always enjoyed exploring the tidal sand banks when I was a kid.  Lots of animals to be found.  Lots of adventures to be had.

The kids really enjoyed chasing soldier crabs and finding hermit crabs.

I found a baby sand crab and showed the kids …. it was so cute as it tried to attack me.

We watched a bloke reel in a stingray … all a bit exciting.  (Don’t worry – I’m sure the busy-body was on hand to warn him of the tail spine.)


I am really missing having you here.

Even though we aren’t staying in the same place or even going to the same beach, it is always in my mind that it was less than a year ago that we were oblivious to the pain ahead.  We were happily enjoying our holiday.  Taking each other for granted.

I’d do anything to have you back.

I miss you.

I love you.