209 days….

It was nice to sleep in our bed again last night.

It was nice to cuddle your pillow and smell your smell.

This you-being-dead shit is getting a bit too real though…

I wrote an e-mail to J today.  I really wanted to say that I didn’t think I could face a weekend away with the families from school.

I couldn’t say that though … I said this:

Didn’t realise how hard it was going to be going on holiday.  We had fun, but it was really hard as it all just seemed wrong to me.  That and I gave myself heart palpitations because I hate driving on the highway so much (seriously, some people are only alive because other people are good at braking and swerving at 100k).

I think I must truly be a home-body at heart, even though my home currently looks like a herd of swamp pigs have taken up residence and generated a metric ton of laundry that needs washing lest whatever shit is ingrained into it starts multiplying, mating with the mould in the grout on the laundry floor and then form some mutant race of dirty laundry parasites which attack all the clean laundry in the vicinity and THEN I’d have more washing.

Off to return overdue library books before the police catch me.  Seriously, you can get jailed for that.  I still remember an inmate at the old boggo road jail yelling/telling me that he was only in for overdue library books as I walked past on the way to uni.  I’m only a few days overdue so they maaay let me off with a warning this time.  Probably because the jail for people with overdue library books has been pulled down and the other jail is so full of tax evaders that they won’t fit me in.  I live in hope.

…and then we need food so will have to get groceries. Blerghhh.

Love you BFF

So I *still* couldn’t tell her. The effort and *fear* of the highway for one night away with a bunch of  happy families is more than I can take.

I’ll have to go and see her and tell her though.

and soon.


We are off next door soon: A&T have invited us over for dinner.  It will be nice.  They miss you too.

I miss you every minute of every day, magnified by 10 at the moment as I don’t have the rush of school to distract me.

I love you so much.