210 days….

Thirteen years ago, I woke up excited.

Mum, L and I quickly showered, breakfasted and rushed off for hair and makeup.

I’m sure you and D slumbered on.  Or tied ribbons to the cars.  Or cooked a big brekky.

My day seems such a blur now.

Friends dropping in on their way to the church.

People trying to make me eat something.

Getting dressed without disturbing hair or makeup.

Posing for eleventy-seven photos.


Being driven (by GC)  to the church in a friend’s car – one that matched the colour of yours which was being used as the attendant’s car.

Hearing the opening bars of Pachelbel’s Canon in D.

Then hearing JM’s camera start rewinding as she took the last frame on her roll of film (ohhh so long ago when we had cameras that took film!)

Purposely not wearing my glasses and not looking at you as Dad led me down the aisle,  lest I see your face and start to cry.

But I love that someone took a photo of your face when you saw me walk into the church and the tears started to stream down your face.

I remember promising to love you until “death parts us”.  I remember that our church doesn’t include the bit about “obey”ing much to your amusement.

Slipping rings onto each other’s fingers.

I remember walking back out of the church on your arm and knowing that I was the happiest, most loved woman in the world.

More photos, then off to the reception at the old manor house.

Speeches, the shoe game, cake, presents and dancing.

Then we were off for a night at a local motel.

Oh but we were so happy.

I miss being happy.

I miss you being here, making me happy.

I love you so much.

Happy Anniversary Darl,