211 days….

Our kids are beautiful.

Sometimes annoyingly painful when they *still* draw on walls and furniture at the age of 8 (I know!!).

But they are beautiful.

K was so concerned that I might be sad about our wedding anniversary, she made me a card and a beaded crystal dangly thing.

Child. Is. Empathic.

…and that’s the professional opinion of our psychologist that we all saw again today.

The kids had the last of their medicare-funded visits with her and it struck me how far we’ve all come in the past (almost) 7 months.  I think the psych visits have helped us all.  Only a few things really stick but the things that do seem to really work.

Still, I told her that I’m worried about our ongoing mental health.  I mean, we’re only just over half-way through this first year of hell and I’m told to expect the kids to go through magnified ups and downs for the rest of their lives.  Apparently, the teenage years have a reputation of being Absolutely Bloody Awful for both kids and spouses of the parent that died.

I’ll need her help.

…and we’ve worked out a plan to review where we are at periodically so we can adjust / try new things as different developmental stages are reached.


In other news, I think I neglected to mention that I had a professional massage yesterday.

Yes, I did.

…and no, I didn’t “waste” any money on it – it was a birthday gift from Cath that had actually expired by a day, but the lovely lady at the salon understood that I *needed* to do something nice for myself yesterday and extended the voucher.

It was rather pleasant … well after I got over being self-conscious of the fact that someone else was manipulating my cellulite-laden thighs, it was pleasant.


First thunder-storm of the season today.  A bit of a fizzer here (thankfully – it hit at the same time we were supposed to be going to the psych’s but she was running a half-hour late).  The forecasters predicted large hail stones and flash flooding (which I believe some parts of the city did get).

You loved thunder storms.  You’d sit on the verandah with the kids and just watch the light show go rolling by.

I miss watching thunder storms with you.

I love you.