215 days….

I feel a bit numb tonight.  I haven’t felt so numb in months.

I set up the new cordless phone I finally bought. Hooray.  No more looking up phone numbers I can never remember – the phone has a huge memory store.

I washed the clothes.

I made food.

I cleaned.



Is this my life now?


We went over to J’s for early dinner.  D is away and she was feeling lonely.  The kids went crazy having fun together and J and I just talked.

I told her that I just couldn’t face the weekend away and she was really good about it.

I know she is disappointed … and so am I…. but I think we all know my limitations.  Going away and keeping it all together 24/7 is beyond me at this point.

Plus there is the whole “driving on the highway” thing.  …which I’ve worked out is not so much the actual driving as it is other people not getting the fact that things go pear-shaped a lot quicker at 100k.

I miss going away *with you*.

I miss you.

I love you..