216 days….

Last day of school holidays.

While I love school, I don’t know that I’m ready to go back tomorrow….

Mostly because I’m not 100% sure that I have a job.  I know they want to keep me, but I also know I’m getting paid from a grant which may or may not have spare $$ in it.

….and it’s not a pupil free day either, so I won’t know what the kids will be learning about so I’ve no real idea what to link my literacy lessons to yet.

Never fear, I’ve just put together a word search on countries of the Commonwealth Games.  The kids love word searches.


JM and Heather came to visit today.  It was nice, although we’ve had constant rain and Heather wasn’t keen on running around in the rain like K&H were so inside activities got a bit “boring” after a while.

Can I just say that I am *so glad* that the word “boring” never enters K&H’s vocabulary.  They just don’t get bored.


A few weeks ago, we had to wait  for 45 minutes at the Dept of Transport before we were even called to the counter.

Not bored.

They amused themselves with an old vitamin bottle and “finger people” … and then H started talking to anyone who was willing enough to listen to his stories.  There was a grandpa- type man behind us who had them singing songs before long.

Not bored.

An imagination is a wonderful thing to own.


I still haven’t finished the sympathy thank-yous though.  I did think I’d have them done by now and it annoys me that they still sit there, mocking me.

I *will* get them done soon.

Perhaps the incentive may be that if I post them closer to Christmas, I can at least get the “card only” rate from Australia post.


They’re cards aren’t they???


I wish I never had to write any of them – I wish people didn’t need to send them because you were here with us.

I miss you,

I love you,