218 days….

Can you make dinner tonight??


It’s one of those days when I dont’ want to even think about it.

School was fine today.

….and by fine I mean that the class survived, but my lovely autistic boy  in this class Has Something Going On and Can Not accept school routine again.


I’m told this is normal for him post play-computer-games-all-day-every-day  holiday.

Seriously.  He Could Not be distracted (despite having made the bargain of half an hour per day and agreeing to it) and howled when I offered to cut him some slack and let him cool off with his support teacher* for a while because he was stuck in a loop.

You see, the supply teacher that was there before the holidays figured out that he could just shunt D off to the computer all day every day and the rest of the class could get on with learning.

Much quieter that way…

Except he’d forgotten that *D* needs to be involved in the learning too.

and God help me, but I want D to get as much out of school as possible.

Yes I modify Every activity for him, but he *is* capable of the modified work…. he just would rather play computer games.

He’s just figured out that he gets his beloved computer all day if he turns on the theatrics.

But it doesn’t work on me.

…it’s exhausting though, this being “cruel” to be kind.

So I need you to make dinner.

and bring it to me.

with wine.



* He did spend lunch time cooling off with his support teacher (it’s a regular gig) and he came back calm and relaxed.