220 days…

coming to you from the mobile internet tonight as the *&% modem isn’t talking to me.

School was great today.  These kids are beginning to understand that computer time is a privilege, not their right….and I managed to ensure that their computer time was spent on work not play today.  That’s 1 to me.

Jacob’s just been here for dinner. He’s a nice kid, your nephew.  He brought birthday presents for the kids and a mower for me that I can start.


I had a rough night last night.  The tears hadn’t really flowed  for over a week, and I guess they were due.

I’m still absolutely gobsmacked at how completely horrible our lives have become.

They look OK on the surface, and to be honest, we have the necessities and some luxuries in life, but beyond the basic needs of survival …. well life pretty much sucks.

YOU were my other half.  The love of my life. The person who looked at me like I was the sun and moon rolled into one.

I know that’s they way I see you.

I miss you.

I love you.