221 days….

Thank God it’s Friday.

This working full-time stuff is tiring.

I remember a colleague from my science days scoffing at the “easy” job teachers have.  Well, it’s not the hardest job in the world I admit, but it’s a damn site harder than being a scientist.  The tiring bit is that you are constantly teaching other people how to behave appropriately all day, every day in addition to trying to teach them about literacy, numeracy, science, art etc.  It takes time for kids to learn that the whining may work with Mum or dad (or another teacher) but not with me.  By today, they are starting to understand this though…


I just found a note from the last time we ordered take-away pizza on a Friday night.  I had to write the order out for you to pick up due to the number of times Dominoes buggered up our order and sent you home with something completely different to what I ordered.  You just didn’t seem to care, so long as you came back with something.

I miss Friday take-away night, curl-up-on-the-couch night with you.

You were a one-off.  Such a rare combination of traits that you and I were perfect for each other.

You really were my Mr Right in every sense of the word.

I love you so much.



As I sit here, I can hear the fireworks going off down at the waterfront.  If it wasn’t raining so much, I would have taken the kids down to see them like we always did.

We really had such lovely evenings sitting on the rock wall, watching the fireworks light up the bay.

I miss going to the fireworks and the spring carnival with you.