223 days….

I took a photo of you this morning at 10:10 am.

Yes I did.

Well kinda sorta of you…

K made the medal for her bookweek challenge and then ceremoniously draped it around the photo we have in the dining room.

I wish I took more photos of you while you were here with us.  I think this one was only taken because the beard was at  maximum length, otherwise the photos are of you DOING something or with someone.  There are very few good portrait shots of just you from the past few years.


Since writing the above, your sister C dropped in on her way from the farm back to her place (nice spot to break her 6 hour journey).

Not only did she help me remove the errant staghorn I mentioned yesterday, she brough all your high school class photos.

Did you hear that: SHE BROUGHT ALL YOUR HIGHSCHOOL CLASS PHOTOS.  I could easily pick you out in every one of them and it will be so wonderful to see if H still looks like you when he’s in high school.

AND a drawing of the old green Ford you made for your Nana back in about 1978.

I am gobsmacked that I was literally just whingeing at you about a plant I couldn’t move AND the lack of photos of you and straight away, you send your sister to come help me out.

I guess you are letting me know you can hear me, yet again.

Thank you Buddy.

I love you.