224 days…

I’m exhausted.

Not from school (although my “treasures” were in fine form – methinks they spent the weekend glued to their computers given that it has now been pouring with rain for four days straight).

I’m exhausted from mopping, sweeping out the storeroom / garage* from all the water seeping through the back wall.

I’d just about be coping now if I could be sure the siphon would keep working through the night.
But I am resigned to a night of broken sleep, worrying about how much more water is seeping in.

I hate rain at the best of times (shut-up, I’m allowed to hate the thing that was a major contributing factor in your death), but this ongoing downpour is pure misery.

So I’m off to bed.

But first I will go back down into the mud and see if the siphon is still working….

I miss your ability to calmly sort this sort of shit out.

I miss you,

I love you.


* our house is set into the side of a hill and the garage / storeroom is below ground level at the back of the house and water seeps in after prolonged rain.