225 days…

Another day, another damp garage.

My own fault really – the siphon ran very well overnight, but I changed the nozzle on it this morning and it got a little too high during the day.  I think I have it sorted now.  I will go and check the levels in the sump again soon ….. I’ll be needing the siphon to run over at least the next month as there is just so much water in the ground.

I called Andrew about it today though – I’m hoping he can put some sort of French drain in out in the backyard to stop the groundflow of water.

The say it’s going to be a particularly wet summer, given that La Nina is firmly upon us.

And I really can’t face the constant fiddling of the siphon so I need a more permanent solution.

Yes. a Permanent one.

Not your temporary arrangement taht you never got around to properly fixing.

Did you hear me today, when I let you have it for all those weekends spent at the farm in the past few years?  Do you NOW realise why your wife and kids should have been priority- one and the farm a very distant second?

I thought so.

Your sister C reminded me that dying and leaving us was your worst nightmare.

You realised this after R’s husband Mark was killed in a motorbike accident 4.5 years ago.

….and it made me realise that I’m not the only one hurting here.  Your worst nightmare was dying and leaving me and the kids; my worst nightmare was you dying and me having to keep living and caring for our kids without you.

Loos like we both lucked out.

“Sometimes life sucks syphilitic donkey gonads” (to quote a very great lady – she knows who she is).

I miss you.

I love you.