226 days….

Fingers crossed / touching wood … but maybe, just maybe I’ve got the rate of flow on the siphon right.

Maybe … just maybe … I won’t wake up to water in the garage tomorrow.

I will try to sleep through the night and see what tomorrow brings.


On the one hand, I think you’d be proud of me working out this problem myself.

On the other hand, I’m mightily pissed off in yet a new and different way that you aren’t here with me.

This is YOUR JOB.

Not My Field of Expertise.

I’m tired, sad and wet.

I want you back here now!


…and call me a selfish bitch, but when I watched those Chilean miners being brought to the surface today, I was in tears.

But only partly for them.

Mostly for me and the kids.

You see, the miners families got their husbands and fathers back.  Yes it was hell waiting for it to happen, but they have got them back .

I want you back.


I love you.