229 days…

A cold front came across early this morning.  All day, we’ve had strong, gusty wind.  cold for this time of year.  I just saw that winds were gusting to 74 km/hr here but up to 90 km/hr in other suburbs.

Which is good news for us – sunny, windy weather is excellent for drying things out.

Too bad the rain will be back next week.

I rang the neighbour at the back to ask him to clear out the drain which is supposed to make sure his storm-water run-off doesn’t run into our yard.  He couldn’t have sounded less interested.

Which is annoying because he was all “let me know if I can do anything to help” after you died and I told him way back then that you used to keep his drain clear and that I’d appreciate it if he actually could do this task himself from now on.

It seems that “anything” doesn’t run to doing anything that might dirty his hands or fall directly under *his* responsibility (it is his responsibility – I checked with the council before I rang).

The problem, as always, is that he can’t see that part of his yard as it’s behind a 6ft fence at the top of a 6ft retaining wall.  Then the drain, then the border fence then our retaining wall.

Oh well – if he does nothing, I know the council guy was more than happy to send someone out to enforce the regulation.

What really sucks is that you aren’t here to just quietly sort the problem out.

I hate it that you are never coming home.

I hate it.

I don’t hate you though.

I love you.