230 days….


The female neighbour at the back walked past as I was adjusting the siphon today.

She said they didn’t get around to cleaning out the drain this weekend and it would have to wait until next weekend.

Great – another week’s worth of rain should *really* help me.  I pointed this out to her and she said “oh, the ground is really soggy in our yard too”.

Yep love, I’m sure it is.

But it’s not the ground  that I’m worried about.

It’s my freaking house being “soggy”.

So she’s not the brightest spark, but is someone who obviously thinks she knows more than me because she drives a more expensive car … or something like that.

What really shits me to tears is that they were all “let us know if we can do anything” when you died.

Well, I’m not sure how many ways I can “let you know” … but the next person it comes from will be a man in council uniform if you don’t bloody hurry up and fix up your yard. If it’s not done by next weekend, the call is going in.


So I broke down and had a big ugly cry after that.

There are people who meant what they said when they offered me help, but this is something that only this neighbour can help with…. and obviously, the offer of help was just empty words to these people.

I’m here, asking for help which is HUGE for me to do … and it feels like I’m inconveniencing them by asking that they maintain part of their yard.


…since writing that, Andrew dropped by and has come up with a better temporary fix and a more permanent fix for later down the track.

He stayed for dinner – that man knows when there is a lamb roast in the oven, I swear!  But to be honest, I’m always more than happy to have such a caring “extra” turn up in time for dinner.

Andrew is good people.

I need to remember that not everyone is like the neighbour at the back.  Some people are like Andrew.

…and like you were … always ready to help someone in need.

…..K is really proud of one of her favourite memories of you… when you stopped by the side of our country road on Christmas Eve to help a bunch of strangers fix their car.  We’d been driving for 4 hours through an enormous traffic jam on the highway, belting sun, 32 degree HUMID heat and we were about 5 km from the farm when we spotted them, hopelessly stuck.

You had them going again within 30 minutes.  You refused the $50 the bloke offered you and wished him safe travels.

Yeah – some people are good people.

I miss you.

I love you.