231 days….

It was a pupil-free day at school today.

I’m usually at a bit of a loss on such days as I dont’ officially have a class (or a computer at school) so they are usually pretty quiet.

Today wasn’t really any different although I once again tried to get an idea of what was wanted by the teacher I’m helping while she’s returning to work.  She’s great but she has a habit of not being terribly clear on what she wants (like now an art activity I did with them last week is now retrospectively assessable and on things that I wasn’t fully aware of when I got the kids to begin working on their little art  exercises.

Not to worry – I now have the joy of being in that classroom for a total of 7 weeks before I can go back to “my boys” next door where everything is clear, ordered and planned.

…oh … and I did a CPR refresher at school today too – good timing as swimming starts again soon.

Then I had a spot of luxury – hair cut and colour after school.

…but now I’m exhausted and wondering how I’ll get through an entire term of full-time work without you here to help me, to hold me, to be my partner in all things….

I miss you.

I love you.