232 days….

Some days are a mixed bag.

At school today I had the class to myself which was great – no mixed messages for the kids, one person giving the instructions, one person to answer to for behaviour choices.


All the planning we did yesterday, all the notes on which kids are working at what level from Friday’s pretest were nowhere in sight.  So I was flying blind.

But, all in all,  I rocked the day.

The kids appreciated having some concrete rules for a change.

and I appreciated being in control and not being told to do one thing, then told that no, she meant to do another thing and by the way she wants to assess them on criteria that neither they nor I know about.

…. I’m tough and can stick it out though.

…and I rock this teaching shizzle.



I come home and see your car in the garage and it hits me that you are never coming back.

and I just feel broken.

Completely and utterly


I try to put the parts back together but they won’t fit properly…. like my legs are on backwards and I can’t find all the pieces of my brain.

or heart.

I am so lonely.

I love you beyond words.

Let me know you are near.