233 days…


Another play on numbers….

After the despair of last week, we are back on an even keel.  Which basically means we are functional.

I  can get up, get us ready and am awake enough to give the kids my best at school.

Did I tell you that I have four kids with aspergers, two with autism plus one who struggles due to neglect at home and my beautiful undiagnosed-but-has-something-going-on girl?  It makes for interesting days, that’s for sure …

I do worry about one of my “treasures” though.  I worry about him a lot.  His parents Could Not Be Worse and still retain care of him.  and it shows in his behaviour which is a manifestation of his lack of control on his own world.  Some parents really really suck and it makes me REALLY angry to see how their children suffer as a result.

Neglect is a nasty beast.

Still, I do belive that we can really help this kid.  We have some Very Special special ed teachers (as well as great classroom teachers) and between us all, we may just save this kid from the downward spiral he’s on and which his parents seem unwilling (or more to the point, too stoned) to stop.



A thought stuck me as  I read a blog entry just moments ago …. your death was such a traumatic event that perhaps *you* were traumatised by it as much as we were.

…I’ve been so wrapped up in how the kids and I are feeling that it didn’t occur to me to ponder how you were feeling…

I’m so sorry that I never thought of that.

Perhaps we’ve both shared the same ache in our chest.  The same tears.  The same anger and frustration….

The same knowledge that our love was above and beyond that which most mere mortals even aspire towards…

I miss you.

I love you.