234 days…

Not much to say tonight other than the fact that I think full-time work is currently beyond me, but I will stick it out until the end of the year.

Like I just realised that my only kid-free time is after my kids are in bed (during which time I generally like to sleep) and my 90 minutes of non-contact time at school each week.

That’s it.

I dont’ want to pal my kids off or anything, but I did like being able to sort out stuff / do the groceries etc by myself but without feeling like I needed to rush because I was imposing on somebody else’s time.


A bit of a rubbish day at school today with a kid displaying quite alarming behaviour, but after a lovely catch-up with my mentor and fellow year 3 teacher (normal teacher for “my boys”) I’m feeling like I’m OK and I did actually handle it OK.  Dee rocks.  She really does and I love her.

But she’s got a transfer next year.  I told her I’d install Skype on the starboard and pick her brain via the internet!

Anyway, it’s now really late and I’m tired and I still have to get though Friday.

Help me.

I miss you.

I love you.