235 days….

You rock.

You totally came through and helped me today and it was awesome.

The kids in my class were all on Valium or something because they were all beautiful and They Followed Instructions (mostly). Unbelievable for a Friday.

Then after school, I pulled into a car park at the supermarket to have Mum pull into the car park next to me.  She was off for a coffee with her old teaching buds (including Mrs W from H’s class).

We dropped by for a chat and Mishi was there as well so WE also stayed for a lovely afternoon.  K described it as “the best day ever” … not that she’s ever prone to exaggerate.

The kids even behaved themselves while we got the groceries afterwards.

We all miss you so much.  I just wish there was a phone line so we could at least talk to each other.

Make that skype.

… but nothing compares to a hug from you.

I love you.