236 days…

Another day spent restarting the siphon, again asking the neighbour to clear his drain already …and the added bonus of the neighbourhood mutt growling at me while I was standing inside my yard, checking the siphon.



I had a very profound thought in the shower last night (site of many a profound thought).

It was like someone else was speaking inside my head and it just came out without very much forethought…..

Basically, I was crying and asking *why* this had to happen to me and the kids and if God knew that you were going to die, *why* didn’t he warn me.

Then the “voice” said…

“because it’s not all about you.  Your purpose in life was to make Greg’s life joyous.  You gave him love, friendship and companionship.  You gave him children. You gave him a reason to get up in the morning.  You gave his life meaning”.

….so either  my subconscious is very profound,  or I’m now officially hearing voices and need to be carted off for a nice rest somewhere with white walls and Valium in the water….

I miss you so much.  I say this every night, but I have no other words to convey my feelings.

I miss you.

I love you.