237 days…

H had a birthday party for a classmate this morning .

Held at the beach front in the full sun.

I made sure I put sunscreen on the kids but forgot to do my arms so *I* am sunburnt.

and tired.

so tired.

I am so mad at the kids at the moment too – both of them repeatedly steal lollies / biscuits / milo from the kitchen and then *lie* about taking it.

…and this came AFTER the had gorged on party food this morning.

They’ve been in trouble for doing it before, but it means nothing to them.  Or rather, it means nothing to K.  She will lie to my face about it and then blame H.

I have decided that I won’t buy any more treats for them for a while and they can earn back the the right … no … the *privelege* of  having a milkshake or chocolate or lollies .

It’s not like they didn’t already get a treat each day, but when I went to give them a chocolate and found the packet empty, I Saw Red.

K is already on notice for this after sneaking 18 of the 20 Freddo Frogs in the pantry last holiday, and then hiding the evidence under the couch.  It’s not like she wasn’t given any treats either.  Little bugger.

Speaking of frogs, I’m still trying to decide if they are frog-poles or toad-poles in our bird bath.

Yes.  It really has been that wet.

I’m thinking they are frog-poles as I can’t see how a cane toad could make the 50 cm leap up the smooth-sided bird bath to get into it.


Back to school tomorrow, so I’ll have an early night.

I’m off to bed.

I wish you were in it.

I love you.