238 days…

I actually wished it was Sunday today, so that I could roll over and keep sleeping instead of getting up and heading to school.
I know!  FINALLY, I’m starting to like weekends again.
Weekends still suck, but I can stand to be alone with my thoughts without spiralling into despair.

School was good today.  No real issues with the “treasures” and the other kids were great.
Penny was with us for part of the day …. you met her when K was in Prep and she was our kind of people and we hit it off.  She’s an aide at school and is going to do her grad dip ed next year and do teaching.  A wise move for someone as smart as she is 🙂

This afternoon, a chap from the climate smart home service came out – he was thorough, patient and well-mannered.  We have a new shower head in the en suite and he replaced about 8 light globes.  He also installed a power monitor so we can monitor electricity usage and it was all for free.  We must have got the nice guy though because Mum and Dad had the service come and do their house last week and the guy just handed them 10 light bulbs and installed the monitor.  Yes – he looked at my invalid father and decided that he’d rather lat an old, frail man with a walker climb a ladder to change 10 light bulbs.  Noice.

So a bit of a nothing day really.  A bit like my life without you …

I miss you.

I love you.