239 days…

I am absolutely flogged tonight … one of those nights when I just wanted to come home and fall into your arms.

Today should have been my “easy” day of the week – a whole hour of non-contact time in which to plan, mark, generally DO stuff that needs doing at school.

Instead, I spent an hour chasing a parent to tell them that I’d worked out a solution that would mean that their brat child could go on the excursion tomorrow.  *I* did all the leg work that is the parent’s responsibility and I called the Dad to tell him and the bastard wouldn’t talk to me and hung up on me.
NOW I get why this child has such a bad attitude at school…..  GREAT role-model at home. eyeroll.

Basically, if the Dad signed a form, his child could travel to and from the excursion with another parent.  Two seconds of ‘inconvenience’ would have sorted it.

BUT yet again his response was “it’s too hard, I don’t have time, he can’t go”.



…and now tonight, the *&(^ neighbour’s dog had the hide to bark and growl at the kids when I sent them down to the letterbox for the mail.  They ran back inside without getting the mail.

So *I* went down with a big torch and a bat and got the mail and it growled and barked at me.

So I yelled at it in my biggest, scariest teacher’s voice and it stopped in its tracks.  Then a light went on at the neighbour’s house and they called it inside.
No acknowledgement that the dog had caused a problem.
No apology.


The council has been informed.  I hope the dog-catcher comes out tomorrow.

Today was NOT the day to mess with me!

So now I will take my cranky-arsed self off to bed.

Oh wait.

I have to do laundry first.


At least I can work off some of the rage before I hit the hay.

I miss you.

BOY do I miss you.

I love you even more …




PS – There was one funny thing that happened today – H started swimming lessons at school and all those lessons he had before you died must have stuck … the PE teacher told him that he was a better swimmer than his Mum (!)

She also said that she asked the preps what they thought the pool rules might be … they came up with the usual “no running, hands and feet to yourself” etc.  Then she added “keep your head above the water unless the teacher tells you to put it under”.

…. but H had to add his own touch:

and absolutely NO cannon-balls“.

Yep – that’s our boy!