240 days….

Today was a day of total awesome.

All that running around I did for that kid yesterday guilted the Dad into letting him go on the excursion today.
He’s in Year 3: first excursion. Ever.  He was über excited yet well-behaved all day.

I was so worried something would go wrong as the head of curriculum came along with us (her daughter is in the class).  But everything went really well.  All good. All day. All me.

The kids all really enjoyed themselves too.

…and I caught up with K – her husband died at the start of September.  Her youngest son  was on the excursion and she came along as a parent helper. It was the first chance we got to talk to each other for more than five minutes during lunch and it was so good to talk to somebody that gets it.

Mum picked the kids up from school today so I managed to get myself to the library after we came home from the excursion.  I will bring K&H’s pjs over to Mum and Dad’s soon and we will stay for dinner.


I really miss you in our bed.  You can guess the main reason, but it’s also the myriad of other little reasons.  I miss spooning into your back when I’m cold.  I miss the way our bodies naturally fell into a comfortable sleepy-cuddle.  I miss holding your hand as I fall asleep.  I miss your warmth.  I miss feeling safe, knowing that you were there.

…and I just saw this you-tube clip that so eloquently explains these little details (although actors portray the scene, it rings true).

I miss you.

….even the snoring.

I love you.