243 days….

Today was spent tending to the normal jobs around the house – jobs you normally help to do.

I hate that it’s always my turn to do the dishes.  K is keen to help, but stacking the dishwasher is beyond her at present.  Both kids are getting quite good at vacuuming though.

Oh and the neighbour att he back cleared the drain.  Properly.  he even mentioned getting a plumber out to see if the drain can be improved.  …he spent half the afternoon clearing the drain and he asked to use our bin and yard to get rid of the debris (which is fine because it would be very difficult for him to get it all back up into his own yard).

The siphon is still running btw … nearly three weeks later and it’s still going strong.  There’s a LOT of ground water to get rid of.

We are all really tired.  I find myself begging off social things on weekends because I am so tired …and also because the weekend is the only time I get to clean / organise/ rearrange / do stuff around the house … and as a confirmed home-body, I like being here and pottering around.

I am counting down the weeks until holidays.  Actually, I’m counting down the weeks until I’m back with “my boys”.  They are a tough crowd, but I think I prefer them … they aren’t whiny or needy.  …and they KNOW when I mean business because their normal teacher has trained them that way.

Last time I had them, I had a student suspended for a day (not my intention – I only wanted the deputy to put the wind up him, but apparently he’d had previous warnings and this was the last straw.  The brilliant thing was that when he came back to school, some of the kids were al “I wish I had suspension, I want a day off” but this kid was all “no – you don’t.  It’s no fun being suspended”.  He was golden for the rest of my time there.

Did I tell you that all my literacy intervention has paid off?  The classes I worked with this year showed a huge statistical jump on test scores recently.  …and the classes I didn’t work with didn’t show the improvement.  Maybe coincidence, but it still looks good for me!!


For some reason this part of the post didn’t save or publish last night…..

You would have been laughing today. … or at least the tight-arse part of you…

Cousin S and A are getting married in February …. smack bang in the middle of “hell week” between your birthday and death day.  So I wanted to buy a nice dress for the wedding to make myself feel remotely sexy.

I tried one on which was OK, pretty, girl next door etc … but definitely NOT sexy.

I went home, resigned to the fact that having the kids has altered my body shape too much to ever wear a dress again (too much in the upper frontal quadrant, not enough in the lower rear quadrant IYKWIM).

But I found a dress I bought BEFORE I was pregnant with K which is perfect.  It’s the perfect colour, the perfect size, the perfect style and it’s also *sexy*…. in as much as I do sexy which isn’t saying that much really.

If nothing else, I’ll *look* good at the wedding and looking good may also help me feel good.  I really am so happy for them, that I Do Not Want to be a misery-guts on their special day.

I will miss you being there to tell me I look good.

I miss you every moment of every day.

I love you beyond breath.