245 days….

Monday started well, although the turkey was back, scratching himself up a nest and eyeing off the hens.  The kids went “turkey hunting” and were adorable as they “hid” on the trampoline to watch the action.

School was OK too …. but five minutes after class started, the health room rang me to say that K had been “accidentally bitten” by a classmate and wanted me.

“accidentally bitten” huh??

So she turns up with a graze which didn’t look too bad until I remembered the Dr saying to me that human bites were the worst (conversation after the possum bit me last year – funny what information sticks in my head).

So I swabbed her down with disinfectant and sent her back to class.

An hour later and she’s back again: “my arm hurts Mummy”.

I decided she really as  OK, gave her some more ice and told her I’d check her at morning tea.

She was still whingeing at the end of morning tea so I phoned Mum to come and get her.

As I pulled her shirt down to show Mum the problem, I noticed the HUGE red rash spreading across her belly.  Not raised, just red.

Mum took her home and bathed her and swabbed her down with isocol and antiseptic which seemed to reduce the rash.  I couldn’t get a Drs appointment until tomorrow morning though so even though she is fine now, I’ve arranged to have the morning off to take her to get her checked out.

…and NOW she tells me that her friend bit her on purpose but she didn’t want her friend to get in trouble so she told the teacher it was accidental.

I know her friend would be quite contrite about it now, but I still need to let her know that it’s not OK to bite anyone.  Ever.

Hmmmm – Might have to change the school rule from “hands and feet to yourself” to “hands, feet and *teeth* to yourself”.

…and maybe “keep your hands OUR of your pants” would benefit two boys in my class…



Oh – and the siphon keeps stopping.  If you could use your ghostly powers to do something about that, I’d be grateful.

I miss you.

I love you.