246 days….

I took K to the GP this morning – she really is fine, but I have a script for antibiotics incase the bite does become inflamed.  The GP was worried because the bite is in a joint and swelling / infection could affect movement.

But K was OK and we had a girly morning tea before heading back to school.

I’d no sooner walked into the office to let them know I was back when H came up to the health room – he’d walked into some play equipment … or rather, went to follow a shorter kid under some play equipment and not seen the low bar due to the brim on his hat.  He had a massive egg on his head … so we iced it and I sat with him for a minute, thinking “I can’t ask Mum to come get another child today”.  The bell rang for morning tea and he decided he’d rather spend it playing with his bestie so I took him back across.

His teacher told me today that he’d been an angel for weeks on end.  Good to know after his rocky start to the year (made rockier by your death).

My class was fine today … although one of my treasures had a melt down and did a runner  up to Spec Ed again today.  Apparently he did that for the teacher covering the class this morning and decided that it was an easy way to dodge work.  …oh and my lovely D is mimicking another child in the class and has taken to whining.  All. The. Time.  I’m going to start a whining jar for him I think!  All part and parcel of him trying to understand behaviour of others, just sad he’s chosen to mimic such an annoying trait.  hopefully it will pass and he’ll go back to his normal self….

It was Melbourne Cup today.  Apparently I missed the memo about dressing up and bringing morning tea.  Oh Well.  I have no idea what horse I drew in the sweep, but assume it wasn’t a winner….  (and yes – I did check to see that the sweep wasn’t the FNQ variety where you pays your money but either don’t get a horse at all, or if you are my boss, you get to pick the horses you want in the sweep.  They sure have a different understanding of “sweep” in FNQ).

Good news – I think the siphon continued to run all day.  The new hose isn’t as robust as the old one and had a kink in it which was enough to stop the flow.  I had to do a full restart today (using the tap) because there was a toad in the sump and there was NO WAY I was sucking up that water through the hose.  Blerghhhhh.

It’s just another way it cuts me that you are gone.  sorting out the toad should have been your job.  I did despatch it, but the creatures give me the shivers (and yet I love frogs – go figure).

I need you buddy roo.

I love you.





PS – I just remembered being on holidays in 2008 while the Melbourne Cup was on.  We actually did a family sweep from the sweep page in the paper.  From memory, I think K won the sweep (we played for glory, not money) but I have no idea of which horse ran.