248 days…

Boy am I tired.  I guess you can tell by the perfunctory nature of my letters.

Working full-time is just that little bit too much for me.  The money is good though.  Or at least it would be good if I had time to sign a new contract so I get paid next fortnight.


I didn’t see *that* teacher today as it was wet both lunchtimes so we kept the kiddies in.  But I did ask a few questions of another teacher friend there … it seems that *that* teacher is known for being a pain in the bum and is rude to everyone.  phew.  Not just me then.

Seriously, she is dumb as dog shit.  She sprouts off misinformation all the time and can’t stand to be wrong.  and the thing that really riles me … she says things like “what are yous doing?” and “arks me a question”.

She is also ona a contract and I think she’s being snitty with the rest of us who are on contracts as she also doesn’t know if she’ll have a class next year….


ON the up side, Andrew called this morning and he’d scored a sump pump at a very good price and will come and put it in to get me through this summer’s rain.  It will be a relief not to keep having to check the sump…. and manoeuver past your pack-rat hoard in the dungeon.

I also found someone who would be happy to job-share with me next year at 50:50 .  I’ve had two other offers 20% or 40% time, but they are not quite enough for me…


I really just miss you.  It’s like the joy has gone from everything.  The sunlight is missing from my days and the moon-shadow from my nights.

I love you.