250 days….

If I thought I was tired last night, tonight I am exhausted.  But in a good way.

A few really great things happened today … fantastic both because they were nice AND because I actually recognised something nice from the gloom I’m stuck in.

Firstly, K was supposed to go to a pool party this morning and I knew there was no way I’d manage a 3 hour pool party in the middle of the day and I had nowhere to leave H anyway.  So I rang another parent to give her the heads up that I wouldn’t be there and she just said “Get K ready, I’ll come and pick her up in 20 minutes and our girls can go together”.   K had fun and H and I did things like the groceries and general cleaning.

Then Andrew rang – he had the sump pump and was on his way.  He spent the entire afternoon with a crowbar and shovel making a deep hole to put the sump pump in while I tried to keep up with moving the soil and other crap (your stuff) out of the way.  He’s taken the old dryer that I was using (occasionally) only 5 years ago and declared it to be a 1969 model that was very chic and retro.  He also took away the old twin tub washing machine.  I can now walk into the area of the sump without climbing over them.  Andrew did marvel at the sheer amount and type of crap you hoarded.  On the upside, we were able to find several spare parts from under the house within all your gear. I will have to take a trip to Bunnings tomorrow though … new 1 inch diameter hose is required to complete the new setup.

I do have one pressing question though – what the hell are all the doors from Mum’s old kitchen doing stashed in the dungeon???  You’ve got her old oven there as well as every cupboard door.  Her “new” kitchen is almost 10 years old!!!

Anyway – my muscles are showing their decrepitude tonight and  … combined with a lovely glass of chardonnay …. have conspired to make my legs like jelly and my arms barely able to rest on the desk to type (and yet look how much I write – too much ….. just like the way I talk).

…and yet you could out-talk me anyway 😉

Where am I ever going to find someone as brilliant, funny, chatty, inventive, loving, kind, thoughtful etc as you??  I fear you are the only man in the universe who is *that* awesome AND willing to put up with me.  You were simply the best and I’ll love you forever.



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