251 days….

I had another very productive day.  Some days I feel like you are helping me get things done!

We started out by going to have our family photos taken as part of the kindy fund-raiser.   The chap was as lovely as ever and my fears about crying my way through were unfounded.  It was just different without you there.
and if the photos are anywhere near as good as the ones he took last year, I am buying myself the set for Christmas.

Then Mum looked after the kids while I hit Bunnings / Beacon Lighting and I came home with a fan-light for the dining room (Fanaway – awesomeness AND the bloke took 20%  off the price for me) …and also a length of sullage hose for the sump pump.

I managed to hook up the sump pump and it works, but I am alarmed by the sheer volume of water still  there.  I think there is a natural spring under our house.

Mum and dad brought over dinner and have just left.  Mum helped me load up some more sugar cane into the bin and together, we ripped down the last shreds of netting around the trampoline.  It was quite a pleasant, stress-free evening.

I can look back on the weekend and see what I’ve done!  Makes a nice change from just managing to get the clothes washed and the house vacuumed/ mopped during the weekend.

I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to dwell.  I hope that doesn’t come back to bite me in the butt with an extra dose of sobbing later in the week.  I may need a mental health day despite us being told that we can’t access our sick leave this year unless we are literally on death’s door.


I shall try to hit the hay early tonight.  I haven’t slept well lately.  Firstly, the chooks start squawking at about 4:30 am and once I wake up, I start to dwell on you and how you died without anyone there to hold your hand…. it’s not a pretty place for my brain to go.

I miss you.  I still can’t believe that you are gone.  You were *so* alive.  You lived.  You loved.

I love you.