252 days….

Monday Monday.

Another day without you.  that pretty much sums it up.

Our kids had a celebration for their school counselling program this afternoon.  There have been so many families torn apart within our school community this year, that the school ran a program to help the kids adjust.  Mum came up for the party and I was able to pop in for about 15 minutes thanks to a lovely lady who took my class for me for a while.

I think K&H really appreciated having me there.

Oh – the other tidbit of news is that the annoying teacher (of last week’s fame) has bugged enough people at school that one of the senior teachers complained.  I think she’s burned her bridges with more people than me, so hopefully her contract will not be renewed.  Not very “nice” of me to think so but it seems that more people than me are sick and tired of her bitchiness towards other staff.

Sump is still giving me problems but I had to laugh … ~ 5:45 am after I’d removed the toad from the sump, pumped out the water and then decided that the pump  needed a larger container to sit in I cursed you and said ” you never taught me to use the electric drill and I needs someone to drill holes in this bucket NOW”.  Then the neighbour across the street appeared and he was able to do the job for me this afternoon.  Fingers crossed that the pump works OK.

BUT Now I’m saying to you that I need your brother to come and help me.  I haven’t seen or heard from him since August and I really do need his help about now.  If you could sort that, the verandah and the return of your motorbike, I’d appreciate it.


Love you.